McChicken Sandwich®

Made with chicken breast meat in a crispy coating.

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Per person/Average adult:
McChicken® Sandwich
Nutrition type Per portion % GDA
Energy (Kcals) 385 19%
Protein (grams) 16 21%
Carbohydrates (grams) 44 16%
of which sugars
7 8%
Fat (grams) 16 24%
of which saturated
fat (grams)
2 9%
Fibre (grams) 3 12%
Salt (grams) 1.6 32.0%

Our food: Chicken

The only meat we use across our entire chicken range is succulent chicken breast meat.

McChicken® Sandwich

Our food: Chicken


McDonald's have in place strict animal welfare standards, developed with our suppliers and global animal welfare experts.

What our chickens are fed?

The feed used for rearing our chickens is not genetically modified and is free from antibiotic growth promoters.


All of the chicken used in our restaurants is traceable right back to the farms on which the birds were raised.

Maintaining high standards

In the UK, our poultry suppliers are accredited by a nationally recognised farm assurance - Assured Chicken Production

What meat we use

The only meat used across our chicken range is carefully deboned chicken breast.


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What's your all time favourite?

  • Big Mac®
  • Chicken McNuggets®
  • McChicken® Sandwich
  • Quarter Pounder with cheese
  • I love them all!

About the McChicken Sandwich

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    • The only meat we use across our entire chicken range is succulent chicken breast meat.
    • Served in a light batter coating.
    • We use Iceberg lettuce for its sweet flavour and crisp texture.
    • In season predominantly sourced from farms in East Anglia and Sussex.
    • In 2005 our bakeries used over 10,000 tonnes of UK grown flour milled from 13,700 tonnes of wheat.

Your questions answered

  How long does it take to cook this sandwich?

Chicken used to make the McChicken Sandwich is cooked for three minutes and 30 seconds. It may take a little longer to prepare the whole sandwich because the bun also needs to be toasted and the other ingredients added.

I love the mayo in this sandwich but it tastes different, why is that?

We actually use our own sandwich sauce for the McChicken Sandwich, which may be why you cannot find another mayonnaise that tastes the same.

What type of chicken goes into this sandwich?

The only meat that McDonald's uses in its McChicken Sandwich is carefully deboned chicken breast meat. The other ingredients in the sandwich include a bun, sandwich sauce and lettuce.

How many calories is this sandwich?

The McChicken Sandwich contains approximately 385 calories.